With an Event Networking Software
Attendee can
Discover Fellow Attendees
View individual attendee profiles and filter them with this Event Match-making Solution.
Schedule meetings with fellow attendees from the community.
Break the ice
Introduce themeselves on the community or send direct messages to fellow attendees.
Generate ROI
Gain ROI in terms of potential leads and business prospects.
Content sharing
Initiate discussions, conduct polls, share photos, videos and more.
Manage their meetings, event itinerary and keep track of ticket purchases.
Organiser can
Engage Attendees
Engage attendees with the event prior to the e-day.
Create a buzz
Get the attendees talking about the event to create a buzz.
Build Community
Build an immersive attendee community for thier event with this Event Networking Tool.
Get Feedback
Attendees can share real-time feedback on the community.
Up-sell Tickets
Link event networking solution with ticketing to up-sell tickets.
Brand it their way
Leverage the networking platform through branding.
Before You Get Your FREE Community

Want to see the ropes before you dive in? Check out our exclusive community for event professionals before you sign up for your FREE networking platform to get a glimpse of the event community.

Event App + Networking features
  • Event app features+networking on a single platform for easy access
  • Help your attendees network on the go with this Event Networking App
  • Get a social network exclusively for your event
  • Easy to monitor attendee enagagement through the app
  • Establish a direct connect with the attendees
Web Community
  • Indecisive about the app ? Opt for a web community instead
  • Integrate the web community platform with your event website
  • Engage attendees to create a buzz prior to the event.
  • Lead attendees to the event community directly post registration
  • Networking at events made simpler
Hubilo Connect
Hubilo's all new Event Networking platform is:
Swift match-making using advanced algorithms. Easily discover relevant attendee profiles.
Convenient to use
Uncomplicated process. Just setup an account, login, update your details, connect and meet.
Smart, Filtered Network
Uniquely designed with smart trending tech. It allows filtration process to connect with people as well.
Loved by Attendees
A simple platform to communicate and connect with professionals that shares your interests and ideas.